Archipelago is a large format print of unlimited dimensions and its publication as a limited edition, oneimage publication.

The image Archipelago was conceived in the context of Arno Brandlhuber’s exhibition Im Archipel at KOW gallery, Berlin in 2012. It is a depiction of a fungus that developed in the drywalls of the exhibition space after the intentional flooding of the premises by Brandlhuber, as part of his spatial intervention.

The image of Archipelago is inherently connected to the concept of archipelagic thought, and the idea of the urban environment as a fragmented and open system of independent, interdependent urban occurrences, continuously oscillating between form and process.

Hardcover Hand-bound in varying gradations of light grey, mud green pale blue and pink cloth.

8 Pages, 1 colour image

23 x 28 cm,

Limited edition of 100, numbered

O Book Publisher, 2014